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The 27 Minute Workout

Backed by Science

Track your calories and heart rate live during each workout with instant post-workout results delivered to you right away!

Our science-backed 27-minute HIIT workout is designed to spend 15-minutes in specific heart-rate zones to optimize fat burn, speed up your metabolism and boost calorie burn up to 36 hours post workout achieving equal or better results than a 60-minute workout!


Strength & Cardio

Each 27-minute HIIT workout is designed to be 60% strength, 40% cardio and works your entire body to tone your legs, arms, stomach and upper body! Plus, workouts are never repeated!

No need for extra cardio or a gym membership. Get everything you need in one complete workout! Stay consistent with 3 workouts per week and you'll love the results!

Designed for all Fitness Levels

New to fitness? Have past injuries? Our 27-minute HIIT workout is high intensity but low impact on your body. Each person is able to go at their own pace and we're able to accommodate many past injuries and health concerns using a combination of shock-absorbing flooring to minimize stress on your joints, low impact exercises and a Certified Personal Trainer to guide you along the way!


All you need is 27 Minutes

Get full access to the entire schedule. Reserve ahead of time or stop in last minute. We understand you're busy and don't have all day to spend at the gym. Stay consistent with 3 workouts per week and you'll love the results!

Join thousands of other women
getting amazing RESULTS!

Real Results



"I set out to get stronger and lose weight. I have done both. I feel much stronger and healthier. The workouts are challenging but quick. Who doesn't have 27 minutes to devote to their health and well being?

—  Beth  —

Book my first workout!

Book a 15-minute orientation at our studio below to join today!


2217 Sunset Blvd Suite 701

Rocklin, CA 95765

(behind KinderCare on Park Dr and Sunset Blvd)

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