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A little nervous to start? Don't worry, we have lots of new people starting every week! Arriving 20 minutes early gives us enough time to give you a good overview of our 27-minute HIIT workout, talk about your fitness goals, any past injuries or healthy concerns you may have and redeem any current promotion you would like to use.

Please note that we may not guarantee you a spot at your first workout if arriving less than 20 minutes early. To ensure a safe workout, our personal trainers will want enough time to understand your fitness background and health history before participating in a high-intensity interval training workout.


  • Clean pair of workout sneakers

  • Comfortable workout clothes

  • Water


Each 27-minute workout is instructed by a Certified Personal Trainer and will help you with form and intensity, especially on your first day.

We welcome all fitness levels. If you're advanced, our Personal Trainers will keep you challenged for your fitness level. If you are new to working out, we will help you with form and pace. If you have past injuries or health concerns, we will help adjust movements to work with your specific needs!

Ready to schedule your first workout?

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