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5 Reasons Why It Might Be Harder to Get Through Your Workouts Some Days

Do you ever find that there are random days where it’s abnormally hard to get through your workouts? We’ve all experienced that dragging feeling of just not making the cut that day. Turns out there could be specific reasons why we might actually feel that way and some great ways to combat that fatigue!

1. You’re Dehyrdated.

If you’re feeling like every movement is a struggle, think back to the last time you drank some water. When the body is dehydrated it doesn’t have enough water to sweat and because sweat is what helps the body regulate temperature, a lack of water can cause overheating and lower blood pressure. Dehydration can also lead to an elevated heart rate, cramping, loss of endurance, fatigue and general feelings of tiredness!!

2. You’re not Fueling Properly.

Popular diets love to turn carbs into the enemy but the truth is carbs are a major fuel source for your body! Cutting back too much on carbs can leave you feeling tired and slow. Carbs are turned into glycogen, which is stored for easy access in the muscles and if that glycogen isn’t there then there is nothing for your body to burn when you workout!

3. You’re not Getting Enough Sleep.

Most of the magic benefits of a workout happen AFTER the workout itself, so getting enough sleep is extremely important. While you are sleeping your body is recovering, conserving energy, and repairing and building muscle tissue. You change and grow when you rest, not during a workout itself. If you don’t get enough sleep, the body can’t effectively adapt and recover which can make you feel even more exhausted!!

4. Your Immune System isn’t at it’s Best.

Exercise itself is never the culprit of a decreased immune system. Research has proven that regular exercise is actually extremely good for your immune system. However, if you are already sick, exercise can cause your already weakened system to suffer. The same mechanisms that help your body recover from workouts are used to help you recover from sickness. The best thing you can do to recover from illness is to get extra shuteye.

5. You’re Overtraining.

If you are putting too much stress on your body each day then it is more likely to be susceptible to injury. Having a rest day is just as important as working out. If you workout more than 6 days per week or double up on workouts then you may be overtraining. Aside from the huge possibility that you may injure your body, overtraining can have psychological effects on you also. You may find you lose your enthusiasm for workouts and end up unmotivated due to the fact that you don’t recover as well after your workouts.

While it may seem extremely difficult to change some of these things due to the busyness of everyday life, go through the list and make sure you’re doing as many of these as possible. A healthy body is a happy body and a body that is able to make amazing progress with a regular workout routine!!

Photo courtesy of: Medical News Today

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