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6 Tips for your 10 Day No Sugar Challenge

1. Drink water.

You’re going to be drinking a lot of water. With no sugary soda, no fruit juices, no diet sodas…what on earth will you drink? Yep water. Water will also help you stay fuller longer. This is important because the next tip is…

2. Don’t let yourself get hangry.

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

Plan meals ahead of time. Have plenty of fresh, healthy snacks ready to go. Cut up veggies. Make a homemade dipping sauce. Cut up fruit. Buy hummus. Pack almonds in little containers for work days. Whatever your snack preferences are, get them ready PRIOR to to the start of your work week. If you let hunger strike, you’re more likely to go on a cupcake rage.

3. Eat fruit

Yeah, we know fruit has a lot of natural sugar and if you can avoid it, great. But for someone with a sweet-tooth, fruit can save you. It will help you feel like your getting the sweets you crave. Watermelon is great, too. Low calorie and sweet.

4. Make it easier on yourself.

If you’ve got tempting sweets and processed foods in your cupboards – get rid of them! How?

Throw them out Box them up, tape the box shut and put them where you won’t see them and save for a later date.Donate them to a food bank or a neighbor.

5. Change Your Attitude

If you find yourself thinking “Oh, 1 itty bitty piece of candy isn’t going to hurt,” just go ahead and smack yourself.

Now here’s why you can’t think like that during the challenge:

You’re breaking an addiction. One teeny weeny piece of candy will only make the rest of the day (and possibly the next day) that much harder for you and your cravings.Remember that, although this can be a lifestyle change for you in the long run, this 10-day challenge (right now) is only an experiment. Having a “cheat” won’t help you see the benefits of the experiment.

If you haven’t seen the movie Fed Up that prompted this 10-day sugar free challenge, you should. It’s shocking and will give you the kick in the tight pants you probably need.

6. Connect

You’ll be more successful if everyone in your household is doing the challenge. If your spouse isn’t doing it with you, maybe a neighbor, coworker, or friend can join you! We have each other. Share your struggles or questions if you have them! If you find the challenge is fairly easy for you let us know how great you’re doing! It will give hope to the rest of us who are convulsing in the corner with withdrawal symptoms.

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