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Toasts, toasts, toasts.

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to prepare an elaborate healthy lunch that meets all the requirements of a balanced nutritious meal. In walk TOASTS. They are the magic of the breakfast/snack/lunch world! Toasts can be topped with SO many things and it is so easy to get your carb, protein and fat requirements in one meal!!

Here are two great toast ideas you can muster up for lunch or a quick snack this week!

Tomato Avocado

- 1/2 avocado smashed with a splash of lime juice (salt and pepper to taste)

- 8 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

- 1 slice whole grain toast

- Black sesame seeds to sprinkle on top

Hummus and Mushroom

- 1 cup sliced mushrooms sautéed with salt and pepper, to taste

- 1/8 cup roasted garlic hummus (we love sabra)

- 1 slice whole grain toast

- Toasted sesame seeds for topping

Enjoy!! And don’t forget to explore the world of toasts for more ideas on healthy toast toppings!!

Photo courtesy of: oatmeal stories

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